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Our Story

Established in 1992.

Vines Auto Service was created with a simple idea; Fair, Transparent, and efficient service. Started in 1992, David Vines wanted an Auto Repair Shop that catered to everyone, gave great service and fixed what was needed on a vehicle. Too often David saw work that was cranked out on a vehicle that was either unnecessary, of poor quality, or sometimes both. Instead, we have sought to provide our customers with the repairs that are necessary to keep your vehicle comfortable and safe, all while providing the utmost quality of service and repair.

As of 2018, some of our proudest accomplishments are having serviced our community for 26 years, having maintained our core values since day one, specializing in BMW, Mini, and Volkswagen repair, and servicing multiple generations of customers and their vehicles. We would be proud to start a tradition of service with you.


About Us



David & Tracy Vines

Being raised in our small town of Elizabethton in East Tennessee, it established a sense of duty to our community.

By opening our business it has allowed us to connect with not only the members of our community but other communities as well. Our customers are like family with most coming to us for years with even their children coming to us later on.

Our business has also allowed us to spend important time with our own family. We understand the importance of quality time with family so we will always make sure you are able to get to yours.


Meet Our Technicians

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Jim Canning
Jim has long had a passion for automotive pursuits, with over 18 years of experience in Diagnostic, Repair, and servicing vehicles, he is not only an accomplished technician but an extremely skilled welder. During his off time Jim enjoys racing at several different tracks in the area.

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Cooper and Cheyenne